Tamiya #56022 – Tamiya 1/16 R/C RC German Panther Type G – Full Option Kit




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Tamiya #56022 – Tamiya 1/16 R/C RC German Panther Type G – Full Option Kit

The R/C German Panther Type G Full Option Kit produced by Tamiya in 1/16 scale RC Tank series assembly kit, is classified in RC Tank

Tamiya’s peerless 1/16 R/C Tank products are the ultimate in realistic indulgence, and with the German Tiger I and King Tiger already released, it is only natural that we now add the famous Panther Type G to the lineup. Tamiya staff even visited the renowned collection of the Musee des Blindes in Saumur, France in order to create the most accurate Panther sounds possible. Pit it against the previously released US Sherman and Pershing tanks on your own mock battlefield.


Running Performance
Front-mounted pre-assembled gearbox contains two type 380 motors to provide reliable all-terrain mobility. Dual motors can operate together or individually to replicate realistic tank movement. Metal torsion bars and suspension arms combine with wide tracks to realize smooth running and excellent maneuverability.
Die-Cast Metal Parts
For heightened reliability and realism, metal parts have been used for suspension parts, drive sprockets and idler wheels.
Pre-Assembled Tracks
Durable resin wide tread tracks are pre-assembled for maximum convenience. Metal shafts are used to connect track links for heightened strength and to create powerful movement. Adjust track tension by tightening or loosening tension adjustment screws.
Main Action
Turret can be rotated 360 degrees and main gun can be moved between 12 degree elevation and 10 degree declination accompanied by mechanical sounds. You can control moving speed and position via transmitter stick.
Shaped Aluminum Gun Barrel
High precision aluminum gun barrel does not require shaping or sanding for removing mold separation lines. This quality 75mm gun heightens overall looks of the tank.
Forward/reverse, turning and pivot turning can be controlled at every speed. The engine sound is linked with speed, so if you increase the throttle, the engine sound changes from idling to full throttle.
Sound Effects
Realistic sounds accompany every movement such as turret rotation and gun elevation. The engine sounds were digitally recorded at the Saumur Tank Museum in France from a very rare working Maybach V12 tank engine. Speaker unit in the rear produces realistic and awesome engine running sounds and 2 types of engine starting sounds (electric starter and crank starter).
Visual Effects
When firing main gun, muzzle flashes, speaker roars and recoil gearbox retracts gun barrel, then slowly returns it to standard position. In addition to this action, the hull itself recoils by means of gearbox movement. Machine gun is also linked with firing sound and LED muzzle flash.
Full-Option Set includes DMD Control Unit (T-03) and DMD Multi Function Unit (MF-01) to put turret rotation, gun elevation and light and sound effects at your fingertips.
DMD Control Unit T-03
The unit includes two FET speed controllers for operating two running motors. Independent circuits for turret rotation motor and gun elevation motor are also installed. With this unit, R/C tanks can be controlled easily just like an R/C car.

DMD Multi Function Unit MF-01
Connect to DMD control unit T-03 to provide many realistic effects such as main/machine gun firing sounds, muzzle flash and recoil movement.

Reference Materials
Model comes with full color Finishing Guide with illustrations and photographs to use when painting tank. Reverse side features story of the Panther tanks of 25th Panzergrenadier Division in four languages (Japanese, English, German & French).

Set includes detailed Operation Manual which explains how to run the tank and achieve various operations. The clearly illustrated Parts List gives number and name of each part.

Various Detailed Parts: 
A number of precision sculpted parts add to the incredible realism of this model

  • Tow cable
  • Tool rack
  • Wire reel
  • Right OVM rack
  • Left OVM rack
  • Bosch headlight
  • Gun travel lock
  • Heater unit for crew compartment
  • Exhaust
  • Jack
  • Gun cleaning rod case
  • Schurzen support
German Panther Type G Coloring
Recommended (TS denotes Tamiya spray paints, XF denotes brush paint)

  • Red brown (TS-1 / XF64)
  • Dark green (TS-2 / XF-61)
  • Dark Yellow (TS-3 / XF-60)

Option Part for Real-Life Tank Battle Simulation
Install ITEM 53447 1/16 R/C Tank LED Battle System (sold separately) for exciting 1-on-1 or team battles with other similarly equipped Tamiya R/C tanks.

There’s no substitute for the full body experience of being in control of one of Tamiya’s massive 1/16 scale R/C tanks. Check out this superb line-up of highly detailed vehicles available now.


About the Model

  • 1/16 scale radio control tank features 4-channel operation with DMD control unit.
  • Ready to assemble R/C model kit of the German Panther Type G, which is widely considered to be a masterpiece of WWII weaponry.
  • Large scale model features accurate details and incredibly realistic depiction of Panther.
  • Features forward/reverse running, right/left turning, turret rotation, gun elevation and gun barrel/ hull recoil action.
  • Actions such as running and main gun firing are linked with sounds.
  • Muzzle flash of main gun & machine gun are also linked with sounds.
  • Includes shaped aluminum 75mm gun barrel.
  • Metal chassis, suspension arm and torsion bar heighten durability.
  • Battle system (available separately) enables exciting tank-to-tank combat.


Separately Required Items

  • 4-channel transmitter (with self-neutral function), 4-channel receiver.
  • Tamiya 7.2V battery & compatible charger.
  • Eight R6/AA/UM3 (1.5V) batteries for transmitter.


  • Weight: 18000 g

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